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Mums shouldn’t have to choose between what’s easy & what’s healthy for their child

Trust us to make healthiest baby food and enjoy more playtime with your baby


Just like homemade baby food

100% Natural

Nutrient Rich

Mom Approved

Paediatrician Curated

No added Salts & Sugars

No added yuckies

Choose From our Ready-To-Feed Baby Food!


Filled with Folate, Iron, Vitamin C, &

Vitamin B6, introduce your baby to

our favourite national dish ‘khichdi’.

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Millet-Y Pumpkin

Rich in omega-3 fatty acids, this baby food is wholesome with pulses and millets – our take on sattu maavu.


Wheat-Y Ragi

Rich with immunity-boosting properties, prevents constipation, soothes the nervous system, and boosts brain and heart health.


Cucumber Basil

Rich with antioxidants, this low-calorie hydrating weaning snack packs a great chunk of nutrition

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Pear-Y Green

Packing a nutritious punch with Pears, Peas, and Spinach whilst helping boost eye, brain and bone health.

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Science and Nutrition

Our team of paediatric nutritionists and food scientists created the perfect baby formulas using all natural ingredients, minus the yuckies, and sterile-packed the purees to increase its shelf life whilst keeping it fresh.




This is a very good food option to provide nutrition to the baby. Best part is that it's ready to eat. Best for traveling, no tension of cooking. My baby loved the taste of millet-y pumpkin. He kept on asking for it. Packaging is superb. My baby loved the dinosaur theme.

Natasha Mendonca

Excellent taste and easy to use not forgetting it is nutritious and the baby still loves it and keeps asking for more.


It was great. My baby kept getting up in the night hungry and because of gas issues I avoided giving milk. Was finding it difficult to make something before going to bed that would remain fresh through the night. The Rorosaur pouches have made it convenient for me. 

Frequently Asked Questions

We understand you are very protective of your baby’s health. Check out our FAQs to know more.

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more play time with baby

no added yuckies

100% Nutrition

more play time with baby

no added yuckies

100% Nutrition

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Baby Food & Cereal at Rorosaur

Rorosaur’s baby food is made with 100% natural ingredients with no salts, no sugars, and no preservatives or additives. Infant food with nothing but goodness and love. We at Rorosaur believe that a baby should not be given anything except natural ingredients. Vitamins and minerals also should be coming from natural ingredients. Hence, we have not added any supplements and bring nutrition to your home.
We used grains, millets and lentils like ragi, wheat, barley, bajra, masoor dal, toor dal, moong dal, oats, rice, jowar and a lot more. We used vegetables like tomato, spinach, broccoli, pumpkin, carrot, sweet potato, green peas, cucumber, mint, basil and a lot more. We used fruits like bananas, mango, muskmelon, blueberry, papaya, green apple, pears, dragon fruit, grapes, apples and more. We used dry fruits such as sunflower seeds, almonds, cashews, dates, chia seeds and more. We also use ghee, skim milk powder and coconut milk for nutrition.

Natural Home-Made Baby Food

Rorosaur baby food recipes are inspired by our grandmothers. We have taken proven foods from the past such as sattu maavu, khichdi or pappu annam, ragi porridge or ragi jawa and given it a Roro twist so that it’s delicious, nutrition packed and is a perfect infant food. These are perfect solid foods to give your baby when you start that journey. Because of this unique way of making baby formulations, they are a perfect meal replacement as they as just like homemade baby food.
This also is a great toddler food as the toddlers love to slurp off the puree from the pouch directly. It’s delicious and a perfect snack.

Our best-selling products

Wheat-Y Ragi which has wheat, ragi, ghee, skim milk powder, banana and cardamom is a delicious puree that is enjoyed thoroughly by all babies. They keep coming back for more. This also makes a perfect snack for a toddler as they slurp off directly from the pouch.
Rice-o-Lentils is one of our favourite baby food as it’s deliciously made from rice, moong dal, toor dal, tomatoes and peas with a slight hint of spices for a healthy baby gut. You can add a pinch of salt if your baby is used to eating salts.
Millet-Y Pumpkin is a twist of the classic sattu maavu and is extremely nutritious and is loved by our babies and is enjoyed by toddlers as a puree. We have used goodness of pearled millet, red lentils, pumpkin, green gram beans, oats, coconut milk, banana, pearled barley, dates and cashews with a hint of cardamom.
Pear-Y green with peas, pears, spinach and mint is loved by babies.
Cucumber-Basil is our toddler’s favourite with cucumber, green apples, pears and basil
See what our moms are says about our product: As a working mom, I am not able to prepare and give nutritious food to my daughter every evening for a snack. I want to give her boiled apples or boiled veggies etc., but it’s not fair on my part to ask the caregiver to do so much after taking care of my kid.
I used to give her muesli quickly to make her feel full when am working from home. I feel so happy and satisfied when my baby eats well.
This food makes her eat well and nutritious on top of it. The taste made my baby happy and full.
This made my mom’s heart extremely happy that too with 0 preparation time.
Fully satisfied!

How Rorosaur is different from others

We use 100% natural ingredients and made delicious baby purees using apple puree, spinach puree, banana puree and many others. We make these purees using freshly sourced fruits after stringent quality checks and clean and wash and puree them from scratch. Our exotic fruits such as green apples and pears are sourced from the farmers directly to make the freshest purees.
Our team of paediatricians have created the best baby formula for food and is a perfect meal replacement. Weaning foods are important as it sets a tone for the health of the baby for the rest of their life. Rorosaur makes the best baby food that is nutrition filled with macro and micronutrients needed for a baby’s growth. To top it off, it’s so convenient that mothers get some time to spend with their baby and on themselves as Roro Dino is here to help you in your kitchen.