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Rorosaur takes the science of nutrition seriously and uses only the best ingredients with expert-curated recipes to deliver a meal that’s healthy and loved by babies!

When it comes to creating the best baby food, we focus on four key areas:


Baby purees and porridges developed to contain a powerhouse of micronutrients for baby’s early stage development using 100% natural ingredients


Our paediatricians, nutritionists and food-tech scientists have perfected formulations that aid baby’s physical & mental growth.


For the baby purees, we use Retort Technology to thermally process baby food and store in sterile packs to maintain freshness, pristine nutrition & a longer shelf-life - no chemicals or preservatives!
Our porridges are also 100% natural with no added synthetics or preservatives. 


Each produced batch goes through rigorous testing with quality control being ensured via checks by external and internal scientists in high quality labs.

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loved by babies


Our packets are designed with convenience in mind, making it easy for you to feed your baby on the go.


The Roro vision promises moms a range of nutritious baby foods that are convenient and easy to feed, saving you the time and energy that you spend in the kitchen. We want moms to never miss out on any of your baby’s precious first moments, be it their first word, the first time they crawl, or the first time they stand on their feet.

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Science behind the product formulations

Rorosaur baby purees have been developed by top food scientists and paediatricians. Only the safest and most nutritious ingredients are used to create weaning foods for babies 6 months and older. While the recipes are created by paediatricians, moms love them too! Rorosaur purees are just like homemade food for babies, but all the more nutritious. We use retort technology to create Rorosaur purees. Food is put into a pouch, sealed, and cooked to incredibly high temperatures to make the food sterile for use in commerce. Therefore, this baby food has no preservatives. Each product goes through intensive testing and quality checks in renowned external labs

Explore the collection of ready-to-eat baby food

Rorosaur baby purees are perfect for babies just starting their solids journey, at the age of 6 months. We have 7 nutritious, delicious purees made with 100% natural ingredients. Be assured that our baby food has no baddies! No added preservatives, or additives. Rorosaur purees have no added sugars or salts either! Choose from Rice-O-Lentils, Millet-Y Pumpkin, Wheat-Y Ragi, Pear-Y Green, Cucumber Basil, Muskmelon Mango and Sweetpotato Apple.  

Just like the traditional Khichdi, Rice-O-Lentils is a smooth puree made with nutritious ingredients like sharbati rice, tomatoes, green peas, green gram beans, pigeon peas, ghee, mild spices and water.  

Millet-Y Pumpkin is a thick puree with a mild sweetness from bananas. Like the homemade sattu maavu, this puree is a mom and baby favourite. It improves gut and skin health in babies.  

Grainy smooth puree - the Wheat-Y Ragi is just like the ragi porridge you make at home. Made with ragi, death, bananas, ghee, skim milk powder, ghee, mild spices and water.  

Our 4 fruit and veggie purees are made with two ingredients that go deliciously together!