Say YES to MORE play time with your baby & LESS kitchen time!

With daily routine putting mamas into a multi-tasking superhero mode, spending time with your little ones definitely takes a backseat. At Rorosaur, we want moms to transition into an easy routine while making sure they're still able to provide the most nutritious food to their baby, having not to miss out on their baby’s first roll over, crawling or taking the very first steps of their lives.

95% of a baby's brain & body develops in the first 24 months!

Our Roro came flying to the present with the healthiest recipes to give the best health to your baby for all future years!

Making meals for my baby nieces with my mother and sister, I realised it's a knowledge-driven and time consuming task. After more than a decade, my nieces being 13 and 11 years old, I’m surprised that mums continue to take the same effort to prepare meals. I knew that bringing mums the pleasure to have more playtime with their little ones is a purpose I wanted to lead and with that came the mission

Mums shouldn’t have to choose between what's easy and what's healthy for their baby.

That’s how Rorosaur came into being!

We bring convenience to your doorstep

Our packaging is convenient, easy to store and easy to take with you wherever you go!

We Are Anti-Yuckies

All baby purees by Roro are made with natural ingredients and are void of chemicals and preservatives, salts or sugars. We are pro-healthy and anti-yuckies, quite literally!

We Take The Good Stuff Seriously

Ensuring that you are in the know of what’s included, Roro baby food packaging features all the micronutrients and natural ingredients on our package labels.

We Bring The Trust In Trustworthines

With quality being at the top of our priority, Roro is more than just a baby food brand. We make sure that we treat our consumers as a tiny knit family of mommies and babies!

We Like Being Transparent!

Crystal clear truth is what Roro’s heart holds, be it our ingredients list on the labels, our food formulation process or the team that makes Roro, Roro!

We Value Authenticity!

After multiple paediatric tests, rounds of formulations and A/B testing through our foods, our team of expert paediatricians have curated baby foods that are the best of both worlds!

The Eyes, Ears, & Mouth Behind Roro!

With her passion to solve the very fundamentals of our consumer’s problems, Harshi Thodima, Founder - Rorosaur, innovated and strategized an assorted range of products that have been successfully embraced globally. After her MBA from Wharton, and working for Anheuser Busch InBev, Harshi is now focused on bringing her product innovation, marketing and branding skills to have fun with Roro’s baby formulas that promise a transformative change in the Indian diaspora!

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