Baby Food
How is Rorosaur any different from other baby foods in the market?
Rorosaur foods contain 17 micronutrients that are completely natural and formulated by top paediatric nutritionists and food scientists. Our foods are natural, additive free, and preservative free just like homemade baby food. There are no added salts or sugar to the food, making it free of any yuckies!
Is packed food good for my baby?
Yes, it's an absolute go if the packed food is additive-free and preservative-free with no added sugar and salt. Packed food ensures longer shelf life and the best hygiene standards as it is sterile packed!
How frequently should I feed my baby?
At 6 months of age, tiny tummies need only 2-4 tablespoons of solid food per day.
When can babies start eating Rorosaur foods?
Our baby purees are fit for babies above 6+ months. We recommend starting them off with single ingredient homemade purees to test out allergies to get started on their food journey. Once comfortable, you can introduce them to Roro foods.
How do I know which baby purees are right for my baby?
Pick baby foods that are iron-fortified and include zinc. Go for chunk-free, single ingredient purees to run allergy tests and be sure of what suits your baby.
What is the best food for a baby to start with?
Solids can be introduced in any order but introducing baby food with softer textures is key. Starting with pureed or mashed foods gives your baby a headstart on developing chewing and motor skills.
What is the healthiest brand for baby foods?
With retort packaging and yucky-free (additive and preservative free) nutritionist formulated food? It's Rorosaur!
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