Shipping Manager

Rorosaur is seeking a dedicated and detail-oriented Shipping executive to join our team. This role involves managing orders from online channels and working with delivery partners for timely delivery. You'll be donning multiple hats, managing the nitty-gritty of our operations, and working closely with the customer relations team for the best customer experience through the delivery of our products. You will also be maintaining the accounts and working closely with the founder in daily office administration.

Job Responsibilities:

1. Smoothly handling the shipment of orders rolling in from our website and various e-commerce platforms.

2. Keeping a hawk-eye on our inventory and payments made, every time.

3. Keep in continuous contact with logistics partners

4. Solve issues in shipping, and delays and escalate them in a timely manner

5. Create and follow SOPs for shipping management

6. Make monthly reports for order management including COD orders

7. Closely work with customer relations to communicate the issues regarding customer orders

8. Supporting our founder in managing the office's administrative functions and keeping our operations as slick as a well-oiled machine

We're seeking fresh graduates thirsty for knowledge and ready for a thrilling ride. If you're someone who has an endless reservoir of patience, an unwavering persistence and takes immense pride in doing simple things brilliantly, you're just who we're looking for!

  • Comfortable with excel
  • Good communication