Quality Executive

A quality executive at Rorosaur would have the opportunity to work both on Quality Control and also Quality Assurance activities. They would be responsible for releasing the batches based on quality and also monitoring them throughout their shelf life via stability studies. The Quality Executive would also be expected to maintain documentation related to product manufacturing, release and development as per guidelines.

Job Responsibilities:
  1. Prepare meticulous documentation for all commercial manufacturing, quality and release.
  2. Prepare stability protocols and work with labs to get the studies done.
  3. Monitor quality reports and documentation and record every action taken or to be taken by working closely with the team.
  4. Prepare and manage NPD documentation by working with the product development manager.
  5. Responsible for the quality of raw materials and packaging materials used and procured.
  6. Responsible for batch release.
  7. Travel as necessary to Manufacturing Locations for monitoring quality and release.
1. Proficient in English and Hindi.
2. Should have some exposure to a quality management process.
3. Should be willing to undergo training as required to develop new skills.