Product Development Executive

A Product development Executive at Rorosaur would have direct access to the CEO and would play an active role in conducting market research for products and primary research towards nutrition and product innovation. They would strategize with the CEO and work closely with contract developers to bring a product to market.

Job Responsibilities
  1. Follow up with Contract Development agencies and ensure development as per the company’s vision.
  2. Perform Market research and primary nutrition and product and technology research to find innovative product and packing solutions.
  3. Develop strategies for product pipeline management.
  4. Prepare New Product Development documentation required for filing and internal processes.
  5. Support in Technology transfer of Products from R&D to commercial scale.
  6. Evaluate the Raw Materials available and recommend the best options considering commercial availability and quality requirements.
  7. Be responsible for evaluating Manufacturing Sites for their suitability to manufacture products.
  8. Investigations on the quality of existing and new products to ensure continuous development of products.
Other Expectations
1. Should speak English and Hindi Fluently.
2. Should have worked or been exposed to Product Development.
3. Bachelor's/Master's degree in Food Technology or relevant field 4. Proficient in MS Office.

Should be willing to travel to Development and Manufacturing Sites.