Common Questions Asked by New Mothers

Pregnancy is hard, but it also fills your life with some of the most cherished moments. Every day, a new mom will feel new changes happening in her body, and new life forming. While that goes on, there is a bigger worry about providing the baby with the necessary nutrients. Along with all that, the new moms will also have a lot of questions, such as breastfeeding, how to stop breastfeeding, doubts regarding the newborn’s poop colour, sterilizing bottles and so much more! In this blog, we will answer some of the most common first-time-mom questions. 

How long should breastfeeding last? 

Breastfeeding starts immediately after birth. It is that one superfood that initially feeds the baby. Breastfeeding can be continued for six months. It protects the baby from any infections, and the longer breastfeeding goes on, the more benefits are added up for the child and the mother. After six months, if you wish, you can continue the process while gradually introducing other foods. 

When Should You Take Your Baby Out in Public for the First Time? 

There are no strict rules regarding when you can take your baby out in public. Some people advise you to wait at least a few months before exposing your child to the outside world. However, depending on the baby’s health condition and responsiveness, you can take a quick walk for fresh air. It is advisable to avoid crowded places since a baby’s immune system is not that strong and can expose them to diseases or allergic reactions. 

How Frequently Should Bottles and Pacifiers Be Sanitized? 

Aside from breastfeeding, babies rely on pacifiers for comfort. Because it comes into frequent contact with them, directly in the mouth, it is critical to sterilise the bottles and pacifiers on a regular basis. Before you use them for the baby, sterilizing bottles is important, and after use, you must ensure that they are stored under hygienic conditions. Washing and sterilizing bottles daily is a must to maintain the highest level of hygiene for your little one.  

Is my baby’s poop colour normal? 

It is quite normal for newborn poop colour to look green in colour. The green colour is primarily made of things inside the uterus. It has a sticky appearance and is usually odourless. Eventually, the newborn’s poop colour will shift from dark green to lighter shades. Once you start breastfeeding the baby, the poop colour will again change to yellow or green. 

How Should I Dress My Baby? 

While deciding on how to dress your new baby or finalising their outfit, the most important thing to keep in mind is to keep them warm. So, layers of clothing are advisable, but you must also ensure that they do not suffocate the baby and are comfortable. Avoid using clothes that are heavy in nature, which will put unnecessary weight on the baby. Choose clothes made from soft, comfortable, and lightweight fabric. 

Since babies dirty their clothes quite frequently, choose clothes that are easy to clean and dry faster. Also, ensure that you buy a size bigger since the little ones grow so fast! 

When Should I Call the Doctor? 

It is quite normal for new moms to get worried when their baby shows signs of illness or discomfort. However, the minor symptoms are quite normal. If you think that such symptoms persist, are worsening, or are causing discomfort to the baby, immediately consult the doctor.  

How to Clean the Umbilical Cord of a Baby 

The umbilical cord usually dries and falls off after one or two weeks. During this period, if proper hygiene is not maintained, it can cause infection or discomfort. You must keep that area dry to avoid any irritation and keep it clean. Wipe it with damp cotton and make sure the area has dried. 

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