Why Mothers Need Looking After Too?

I took incredibly good care of myself during my pregnancy and also had a lot of support and attention from my doctor, spouse, and family. But now, a year after the birth of my baby, I feel as though I've vanished from everyone's attention. It seems as though I am supposed to go about my daily activities—attend work, clean the home, drive around, go shopping, cook meals etc.—just as I did before. But now there is an infant that I am responsible for. Of course, she is a HUGE factor. I'm the one who primarily looks after her when I'm not at work, I still wake up at night and don't get enough sleep, and I honestly feel exhausted. She's only a year old, too! Why does no one seem to acknowledge this fatigue? 

Change in Perspective from Pregnant Women to New Mothers 

As pregnant women, taking utmost care of your health is important. But it is also important after your baby is born. Pregnancy problems differ from one woman to another, but following certain healthy pregnancy tips can help you go through the phase calmly. Pregnancy tips are many, and pregnant women will receive these from everyone around them the moment they conceive. But, as crucial pregnancy tips and parenting tips are, equally important are tips for mothers to take care not just of their health but also of their minds. 

One of the most thrilling yet demanding things in the world is being a mother. You are accountable for a life. You care deeply about your child and want to do everything in your power to give them the best chance to succeed in life. However, it is imperative you take care of yourself first before you can take care of your kids. 

It's admirable that you become accustomed to putting others before yourself. Unfortunately, your well-being and mental health may suffer if you keep doing it. It's essential to create time for activities that boost your mood so that you can better handle stress and the tasks lying ahead of you. 

A mother is much better equipped to be the best mother she can be if she gets enough sleep, follows a good diet, exercises frequently, keeps strong friendships, and asks for help when she discovers she isn't handling things well. Taking the time to work out or get enough sleep each night is not being selfish, nor is it if you choose to have a session to pamper yourself. 

Reasons why mothers need looking after too

  1. Her body has endured a great deal - Yes, creating a new life inside you is a big deal, and giving birth is not easy. While most mothers’ demands will be met throughout pregnancy, childbirth, nursing, and weaning, you must also remember that the transition takes a toll.  
  1. She works arduously - According to studies, caring for babies is more stressful than the majority of jobs. Any strenuous job necessitates rest, refuelling and consideration.
  1. It's beneficial for kids - The health of a mother moulds the direction of a child's existence throughout their lifetime in countless ways. Taking good care of mothers is the best way to take care of kids.
  1. It benefits the marriage – Mothers who receive support from their husbands, not only help the transition to being a mother but also aid in a happy married life. 
  1. Replenishing - You need to save your energy for the next day, a brand-new day, after a long day of multitasking and moving around the house. It's crucial to look out for your personal needs in order to restore your body, mind, and spirit.  

It's time to find time for yourself if the demands and pace of parenting are wearing you down. a pause, acknowledge your need for it, and allow yourself to unwind. Over time, a thousand tiny things add up to the stress and exhaustion for mothers. Therefore, you build up a growing stock of beneficial resources for your health, well-being, effective cooperation, and enduring love by committing small acts of kindness every day. Take a little ‘me time’ for yourself, which will help you rejuvenate and replenish your energy levels for a fresh next day. 

Thus, while mothers take care of their little ones, along with handling their job and working round the clock for their families, they too need looking after – in ways they would appreciate and prefer! 

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