How Ready-To-Feed Baby Food Can Help Busy Parents

The new generation of parents has been facing a common problem; they are having to choose between convenience and what’s good for their children.

While the issue was always an either/or situation earlier, we decided to address the problem and come up with a solution: why not have the best of both worlds?

Parents on the go shouldn’t have to make a choice. Without so much instant food available in the market today, parents aren’t sure how to differentiate between what’s good and what’s straight-up a health hazard for their kids.

So… we set out to bridge this gap in the market and give parents what they really need in today’s hustle and bustle: ready-to-feed nutritious baby food that is 100% natural, safe, and healthy for their little ones.

How do we ensure it’s healthy?  

Each recipe has been made with the goodness of 17 micronutrients.  

These include all the necessary vitamins and minerals such as Vitamin A, B, C, and so on, along with zinc, iron, and potassium to name a few.  

But what is the use of these micronutrients? Are they necessary?

Absolutely. 100%. There’s no doubt about it.

Not only do these micronutrients play a vital role in the mental and physical development of a child but it also prevents diseases and ailments going forward.

Here’s the tricky part - apart from Vitamin D, micronutrients are not produced in the body and they need to be derived from the diet. A lot of the time, even home-cooked meals lack these essential nutrients.

At Rorosaur, we assembled a skilled team of pediatricians and food nutrition experts to formulate the perfect baby food recipe that strikes just the right balance between all the micronutrients while still promising a delicious taste.  

It’s packaged food, though. How do we keep the ingredients safe and fresh?

Have you heard of what Retort technology is?

It’s basically when the baby food is thermally processed and sterile packs to ensure a long shelf-life.

When your ingredients are 100% natural like ours, this is the safest measure that can be adopted to ensure the nutritional value remains the highest quality. 

Moreover, each batch of products goes through an intensive quality check by external and internal scientists in top labs of the country.

This is packaging with a purpose, and each of our designs is made with convenience as the priority.

Convenience… how?

Can you imagine how much easier mealtime would be if kids didn’t make such a fuss? 

They either get bored of the food being served to them or they are adamant about feeding themselves and flaunting their self-sufficiency. For parents, this process can get quite exhausting. 

The only solution is to cater to a child’s likes and attention span.

Kids love bright, colourful, playful objects. That’s the reason why they see a plain white wall and give in to the urge of decorating it with colours and crayons. The same logic applies to food as well.

They get bored of bland and boring-looking food and will do anything to add an element of fun to it.

Enter Rorosaur with just that element of fun!

Our packaging is made in such a way that kids can hold it and slurp on it, at their own pace. All you have to do is hand it to a toddler, and the content is perfect for a single serve. 

These packages excite kids for their cuteness factor and appeal to parents for their nutrition factor.

Hear it from mums themselves

With parents so caught up in a million different things from work to the requirements of the house and family, to actually taking care of their child - it almost feels like there’s no time for a cooked meal at home.

But that does not mean your child’s diet has to be compromised.  

Mums have been loving ready-to-eat nutritious baby food for a bunch of reasons.

The reviews have been filled with positive feedback about the taste, convenience, and nutrition factors.

Our vision is to make sure moms never miss out on any of their baby’s precious first moments and to ensure that we are creating recipes that are saving them the time and effort spent in the kitchen. 

Our products have no added preservatives, refined sugar, or any of the junk that’s out there on the market today. This is what differentiates us from other brands today because it has all the goodness of homemade baby food and more!  

How do I know my baby is ready to start eating baby food?

Our baby purees can be given to infants from the age of 6 months. If your little one is able to sit upright and hold their head and neck steady, they are ready to start solids. We recommend starting slow, and checking for any allergies to get their food journey started. Once you are comfortable and confident - you can introduce Rorosaur to their lives!

Is ready-to-eat nutritious baby food the answer?

Well, it could be!

At Rorosaur, we make our recipes with 100% natural ingredients, no additives, and a whole lot of love.

Our recipes are inspired by our mothers and grandmothers and given a little twist to suit the modern Indian palette. A  new and unique take on instant food, our formulations are the perfect replacement for homemade baby food (without a single compromise on any nutritional value!)

So easy to access and feed, our babies are in for a treat with these super cute and super delicious little packets of love!

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