The Role of Ghee In Your Baby’s Diet: A Staple of Indian Nutrition And Health

People have a sort of love-hate relationship with ghee. While it does get bad press for being calorie-dense, this staple ingredient is one of the most powerful elements in your diet. And although it is often compared to butter, the two are not the same.   

Butter plays its own role, but we cannot stress the importance of ghee enough! Wondering why?  

Let’s break down the benefits of ghee in diet and why it is considered a key component of Indian nutrition and health… especially for the little ones:

1. It has all the healthy fats   

‘Fats’ is almost a taboo word in our society and our diet today. But we shouldn’t mix up our requirements with that of our children. Healthy fats are essential for everyone and in the right quantities. This is one of the most important benefits of ghee.  

While foods that are loaded with carbs and sugar technically make you put on weight, healthy fats, such as the one found in ghee, are not only beneficial but also extremely important for development.   

Another benefit of ghee is the good cholesterol in your body which boosts good heart health. The ingredient has a high concentration of monosaturated omega-3s, which are proven to be essential for cardiovascular health.   

2. It’s an alternative to lactose products   

One of the biggest benefits of ghee in the diet is that it suits those who have a sensitivity towards lactose.  

Since ghee is prepared by removing milk solids, it comprises only traces of lactose and casein, which is basically milk sugars and proteins.   

If your little one has a hard time digesting milk, milk products, and dairy in general, you may want to consider bumping up their daily dose of ghee intake.   

3. You get all your important vitamins   

Yes, there is more ghee can offer! One of the benefits of ghee is that it is loaded with nutrients.   

It is an excellent source of Vitamins E, K, and D. Finding the right natural source of Vitamin E isn’t easy, yet it is one of the most crucial elements of a balanced diet.  

4. Perfect for weight management   

Some benefits of ghee in diet combat obesity.   

It is a major source of conjugated linoleic acid, which doesn’t only reduce fat deposits but also improves immunity.   

At such a young age, children completely depend on their daily nutrition to fight infections and other ailments. Since one of the benefits of ghee is that it’s a rich source of butyric acid, it assists the body in producing T cells that are known to fight diseases.   

Moreover, ghee is also packed with antioxidants which help naturally detox the body. Studies also show that ghee aids in calcium absorption. That implies two things:

  • It prevents tooth decay   
  • It strengthens bones   

Now that you are familiar with all the benefits of ghee in diet, you’re aware of the role it plays in helping you maintain a balanced diet.   

For children, ghee is a crucial ingredient that goes a long way in ensuring normal and steady growth and development.   

At Rorosaur, we only believe in giving our children what’s best for them!   

Our policy is all-natural, and no yuckies… so you can trust us when we say, “We care.”

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