The Art Of Khichdi: Nutritious and Easy-To-Digest Indian Recipes For Your Baby

Trust us when we say, khichdi for infants is the ultimate go-to meal.

The nutrient-rich food is easy to cook, serve, and feed to the little one, and the benefits are almost innumerable. 

Khichdi for infants doesn’t have to be bland and boring-looking. The simplicity of the dish adds to its versatility, and you can go crazy with experimenting with new kinds of dals and recipes.   

Moong Dal and Toor Dal are most commonly used in preparing khichdi in Indian households. However, when it comes to feeding infants, we must take some precautions.

Firstly, children can’t handle too much spice. For it to be an easy-to-digest dish, keep the spices and seasoning to a minimum. So your khichdi for infants should be quite bland.

Secondly, cut back on the oil. Adults tend to go overboard with the amount of oil they are adding, not only to khichdi, but with all kinds of dishes. Oil is a no-go for kids as well as parents!   

Thirdly, keep an eye out for colic. To make sure the different kinds of dals are easy on your baby’s digestive system, introduce the lentils with caution. Otherwise, both you and your child are in for a sleepless night.   

But why is khichdi for infants so important?   

Is it the key to a well-balanced and nutritious diet?   

What are all the benefits?   

Let’s break down the benefits of khichdi for infants, one by one: 

#1: It has all the good stuff   

Aka protein, carbs, and fibre.   

Each of them plays a huge role in creating a well-balanced diet, and lentils are one such ingredient that caters to all three requirements.

Instead of opting for a regular dal recipe, try whipping up khichdi for infants so it adds something new and exciting to their daily routine.   

#2: It keeps the ailments at bay   

From heart health to chronic diseases, khichdi for infants is an ideal way to keep your health in check.   

Khichdi because of its lentil composition has an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effect which keeps ailments such as obesity, diabetes, and heart conditions away.   

#3: Khichdi is the ultimate comfort food   

In fact, khichdi for infants is the best dish to experiment with.  

You can mix it with yogurt for a cool and refreshing kind of meal.   

You can add some pickle to give it a whole new flavour profile.   

You can even add some chips or crisps (the healthy kind!) to give it a little crunch element.

The possibilities are endless with khichdi for infants!  

Do you have any interesting recipes that are also kid-friendly? We’re dying to know and expand our khichdi-portfolio!   

To sum up, khichdi for infants is the ideal and simplest comfort food… on good days, moody days, and days when you just don’t know what to whip up!   

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