Travelling with Baby: Tips For Maintaining Proper Nutrition While Traveling

Travelling with kids isn’t easy.  
Plus, maintaining proper nutrition while travelling is a concern almost every parent has.   
How do you keep up with a routine? How do you ensure your child is getting all the vitamins and minerals during these few days or weeks? How do you travel stress-free?   
We’re breaking it down for you.   
Here are a few tips that will make maintaining proper nutrition while travelling a little easier, and your vacation a whole lot smoother:   
1. Firstly, carry all the right storage accessories   
Sounds bizarre, right?   
But sometimes, your child needs that sense of familiarity when they’re hundreds of miles away from home. Carrying their favourite spoon, plate, or even napkin will put them at ease and give them that comfortable space.   

Moreover, it will make plane rides a whole lot easier. You can store little snacks in containers, keep milk in their favourite sippy cups, and carry washable accessories that may be needed in preparing their food.   
Trust us, the extra luggage will all be worth it to maintain proper nutrition while travelling. 
2. Fruits are an underrated saviour   

Your kid might hate the veggies, but they love their fruits.  

Fruits are fun, colourful, and most importantly, they’re healthy and a great way to maintain nutrition while travelling.  
Most fruits are packed with antioxidants, so you don’t have to think twice about feeding them to your little one (unless they are allergic, of course!)   
And here’s the thing: fruits are super easy to get, almost anywhere!   
No matter which city you’re in, or which language you speak, every country loves their fruits.  
So go all out!

3. Packaged food might just be your best friend   

Hear us out.   
We don’t mean the processed and preservative-filled instant food you find in the markets.   
We’re talking about Rorosaur’s 100% natural formulations.   
Let’s be honest—when you’re travelling, you don’t really find the time to cook. Moreover, you’re just not in the right headspace to be cooking but it is important to maintain proper nutrition while travelling. 
Rorosaur is here with a solution.   
Moms shouldn’t have to pick between convenience and nutrition for their kids.   
That’s why we’re preparing recipes on the go so that we can help parents in maintaining proper nutrition while travelling. Our recipes include all the vitamins, minerals, and micronutrients that they may miss out on when they’re away from home.   
And the packages are so easy-to-use! All you have to do is hand your little one a packet, and they can feed themselves. This is perfect for a fussy child, and ideal for when they don’t want to bed fed with a spoon. Give them their independence!   
All our formulations are paediatrician-backed and have a long shelf life, so choose your flavours and give your little one the right nutrition sans any added salts, sugars, and preservatives.   

Here are some do’s and don’ts   

You will find oily, greasy, and sugary snacks EVERYWHERE!   
But just because they are accessible, doesn’t mean you should let your child indulge. Even though you’re travelling, kids need some sort of a routine... especially with food to maintain the right nutrition. 
Here are some snacks that are easy to find and also nutritious so that you can ensure you are maintaining proper nutrition while travelling:   

  • Yoghurt! Full of probiotics, that will soothe the digestive process in a foreign location.   
  • Granola - super sweet, super healthy, and it’s a yes from us!  
  • Hummus: it’s such a simple food, and so nutritious that you don’t have to hesitate in feeding it to your little one to maintain proper nutrition while travelling.
  • Cereals, chocolates, and soft drinks are a no-go area, so make sure to limit their intake.   

Make sure your child is getting their meals at regular intervals! Travel doesn’t justify a lack of nutrition. Use these simple tips to maintain proper nutrition while travelling.  
Your child’s health always comes first, and at Rorosaur, our vision is rooted in this insight.   
Make travelling simpler, smoother, and more fun by taking the right and smart food choices. Pick your packaged foods well :)   

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