How To Change Your Baby’s Diet In The Scorching Summer Heat

Parents, don’t freak out! It is normal to feel less hungry in the summer season.  

Although it isn’t an alarming cause for concern, the change in appetite shouldn’t be too drastic. So keep an eye on your baby’s eating habits, and make all the necessary changes that are needed for a balanced diet for infants.  

The richer, thicker food that you usually prefer to give kids isn’t a sustainable diet during the summer months. And this year, all predictions are indicating extremely high temperatures and long, sunny days. So, what’s the food alternative for our little ones?  


Our recipes are made with 100% natural ingredients that are easy to serve and super simple to eat!  

Firstly, we’re addressing every parent’s concern

i.e nutrition.  

Is your baby getting enough nutrition? 

Are they getting the right vitamins and minerals?  

Are they getting it in the required quantities?  

These concerns are totally valid. A lot of times, homemade meals don’t prove to be a balanced diet for infants. Food at home sometimes lacks a key element: micronutrients.  

Micronutrients are the vitamins and minerals that are needed by the body… but in very small quantities. And because they are needed in such little amounts, they are almost always missed in an infant’s diet.  

That’s a red flag!  

Without micronutrients, the body cannot grow and develop properly, both mentally and physically. This is why a balanced diet for infants is crucial.  

At Rorosaur, we make sure to include all the right nutrients in all the right recipes. We assembled a team of paediatricians and food nutrition experts to curate the perfect formulation using only natural ingredients to ensure your infant gets a balanced diet.  

Rorosaur food contains 17 micronutrients are that paediatrician-backed and expert-curated.  

Without any preservatives and additives, how do we keep natural ingredients fresh for so long?  

If you’ve heard of Retort Technology, then your question is probably answered. 

If you haven’t, let us break it down for you: we thermally process all batches of baby food and store it in sterile packaging to maintain freshness without the use of any yuckies.  

This is the safest procedure that ensures a long shelf life and a balanced diet for infants.  

Secondly, we’re giving the kids what they want!  

i.e the fun quotient!  

Kids love to feed themselves and slurp their food.  

They want to have fun during mealtime!  

With our Roro-themed packaging, kids can hold the product themselves and eat at their own pace. If they are in the mood, you can even transfer the contents into a bowl and let them dig in with a spoon.  

It’s such a simple idea, but it sure goes a long way in relieving parents of their mealtime stress and ensuring a balanced diet for infants.  

Science in every bite  

We got top paediatricians to identify babies’ nutritional requirements. Once we sourced the right ingredients and formulated the product, we pioneered technology to create safe packaging for our little ones.  

Every batch that is made undergoes a rigorous testing process to meet the highest standards of quality, checked by external and internal scientists in laboratories.  

Now you know you can feed your little one the most delicious treats and be assured that they are getting a balanced diet for infants! 

The perfect summer food!  

Wondering what is a balanced diet for infants… especially in the summer?  

Check out our list of recipes! From Rice-O-Lentils, Wheat-Y-Ragi, to Cucumber Basil, and many more - we’ve curated the perfect summer recipe chart this season! 

Whip up a quick meal for your baby, and spend the rest of your free time actually doing activities and building a bond with them. 

With Rorosaur, you can cut down on your kitchen time and focus your energy on your baby’s firsts. Whether it’s their first word, first crawl, or even first walk, don’t miss out on any precious moments.  

Earlier modern moms were faced with the dilemma of choosing between nutritious homemade food for their kids and convenience.  

The Rorosaur team was struck with an insight: hey, we’re in the 21st century! We can create something that gives moms the best of both worlds.  

That’s where the Roro idea was born!  

And now, we’re making sure your kids only get what they deserve, i.e. the best! 

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