Ensure healthy baby meals during holidays - a few tips

Travelling is fun time, bonding time and relaxing time for families. But as the parent of a toddler, you may be tempted to shelf such plans. As you wouldn’t want to sacrifice the toddler’s set routine, and healthy baby meals during holidays. The uncertainty around food while holidaying, the procurement of ingredients, the taste and the preparation challenges can surely shoot up your stress levels. 

Does that mean no travel till your child gains few years? Not at all. Initially, confirm from your place of booking whether they have a pantry, and how close the nearest supplies store is.   Of course nutritious baby food for travel is the priority, but before that make it a point to pack all baby’s favorite feeding gear like bowls, spoons, bottles, bibs, etc. Don’t forget the portable steamer which will make it convenient to heat liquids and steam fruits and veggies. 

Here are a few more tips that can help you ensure nutritious and healthy baby meals during holidays.  

Milk and formula:

Breast milk and formula food are the primary source of nutrition for babies, which can fix most of baby’s needs. If you are travelling out of country then getting your preferred brand of formula can be an issue. Better to carry extra supplies.


You can make small pouches of pre-roasted and ground, rice, lentils, and millets that are packed with tons of nutrients. Just mixing it with warm the milk/water can give you a bowl of healthy meal. 


Feeding baby on holidays can be easy with eggs. You can conjure up boiled or scrambled eggs in a jiffy! 

Fruits and veggies:

 The local produce of fruits and veggies are easily available all over. Although you can mash pulpy fruits and make a puree, vegetables may need some heat treatment like boiling or sautéing before you can make a pulp out of them. Just as it is or with some milk this dish can help in maintaining baby’s diet during holidays. 

Instant baby food:

Branded instant foods are much more convenient but are they safe? Although, tactfully marketed as loaded with nutrients, there are recent reports suggesting undesired quantities of sugar and additives in these baby foods!  

Unlike the above, there are some baby food brands available in the market like Rorosaur that make for excellent nutritious baby food for travel. These are absolutely safe with no compromises on processing or ingredients. Roro purees are made with 100% natural ingredients with no added chemicals, preservatives, salts or sugars.  Rorosaur is fast becoming a must-have on every list for feeding baby on holidays. The multiple ingredient blends excite the baby’s taste buds and provide them with numerous benefits such as healthy eyes, brain, gut and bones, added with better blood circulation, immunity and digestion. 

The attractive packages are convenient, easy to store and can be effortlessly carried wherever you go! This travel-friendly, nutritious option is absolutely no-mess which will leave you with ample time to enjoy your baby and your holiday as well! 

With a little thought and preparation while planning nothing can go wrong with your holiday! 

Happy Travelling!




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