This Children’s Day, we’re taking a pledge to build a stronger nation for tomorrow! While we work tirelessly to provide convenient nutrition solutions to mums around the country, we’re starting something close to our hearts (and every mother). 

Starting 14th November, we’re associating with organizations that work with less-privileged families in tribal areas and Anganwadis. We’re taking the mission of good nutrition to these families and donating free baby food to young mothers. Nutrition is crucial to a baby’s growth & development, and every baby deserves good, clean nutritious food. 

In addition to providing free nutritious meals, we are also educating mothers about nutrition. In our session with them, we team them about the importance of nutrition, the kind of food they should feed their baby at different ages, and easy recipes. Our aim is to enable and empower them to give their babies the right nutrition. 

As we begin this journey, we believe that every #RoroMom would want to be a part. To help you participate in the mission, 10% of your order value will be donated to this cause. This way, your small purchase can help feed a less-privileged baby and give them equal opportunity. 

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