Babies Need More Than Rice & Dal: Fix Your Baby’s Nutrition Gap

Dal-Chawal is undeniably the biggest comfort food for a lot of Indians. This stems from the fact that we begin eating this delicious dish right from when we are toddlers and well into our adulthood. 

While there is no debate that the dish is an extremely nutritious combination for babies, it’s not always enough. So how can you bridge this gap and ensure your baby is being fed a well-rounded and balanced diet?

Enter ready-to-feed baby food.  

Yes, you may be concerned about all the preservatives and refined sugar that packaged food usually comes with. And parents, that’s a totally valid concern! But we hear you, and we’re here to help with a 100% natural and healthy range of ready-to-feed baby food.

At Rorosaur, we also want to make mealtime a breeze for parents and babies. We put together a team of paediatric nutrition experts and food scientists to curate a formula that is natural, nutritious, and a tasty treat for your toddler.   

How do we maintain freshness in packaged food?  

It’s the 21st century… so technology (duh)!  

Using Retort technology, our formulations are thermally processed and stored in sterile packages to ensure that freshness is preserved throughout the long shelf life of our products.  

There’s science in every bite… literally.  

We didn’t want moms to have to choose between convenience and nutrition for their children, and for that very reason, we assembled food experts to come up with a recipe that is just like homemade baby food. It’s perfect for moms on the go and moms who put their child’s health above everything.

Hold on, what makes our formulation different from others in the market?  

This is baby food made with 17 different micronutrients 

Not sure what that means?  

Micronutrients are nutrients that your body needs in very small amounts. But, because they are needed in little doses, they often get missed out in our diets.  

That’s an alarming cause for concern!  

Being deficient in micronutrients can lead to many different health problems, some of which can even be life-threatening. So make sure your little one is getting the right nutrition at the right stage in their lives.  

Our packages come with a purpose

Let’s be real, dal chawal can be a boring dish for energetic and ever-excited toddlers. Inevitably, parents have a hard time feeding the little ones and that instigates more thoughts like, ‘Is my baby not eating enough?’  

Here’s the solution: make food more fun!  

Children at that age are all about independence and proving that they are ‘old enough’ to be doing things on their own… including feeding themselves. Keeping this insight in mind, we designed the packages to instantly capture a toddler’s attention and leave them fascinated with the bright and adorable colours!  

All you have to do is hand one packet to a toddler to slurp from. It’s super convenient because each package is meant to be a ‘single serving’, so you don’t have to worry about it being too much or too little.  

What about the ingredients?  

We use only the good stuff!  

Each ingredient is sourced sustainably and put to the test for quality check.  

Each batch is tested and analysed rigorously to make sure it meets the highest safety standard for babies’ consumption.

From fruits to oats to ghee, every element that goes into our formulation plays a crucial role in your child’s development. These ingredients are rich in iron, folate, and a range of vitamins and minerals to give them a holistic diet that covers all their essential needs.  

What flavours do we offer? 

Only the yummiest ready-to-feed baby food for our little ones!  

We have rich combinations such as wheat & ragi, millets & pumpkin, as well as more refreshing and fun flavours like cucumber & basil and pear & greens.  

Trusted and recommended by paediatricians, these recipes aid a baby’s physical and mental growth ensured by the checks made by external and internal scientists who work in high-quality labs.  

When compared to a dish like a dal and chawal, the variety of flavours we offer at Rorosaur are more diverse to suit a child’s palette. The best way to go about it is to find a middle ground that ensures your child is getting all the right nutrients from all the right places without a single compromise on the quality of food.  

So… should I pick Dal Chawal or ready-to-feed baby food? 

Despite all its nutrients and high protein content, dal chawal as a dish is not enough. Your child needs more. While that may be a scary thought, ready-to-feed baby foods are the perfect fix to fill these nutritional gaps and give them the right balance between taste and nourishment.  

Hand your toddler a fun Rorosaur flavour or transfer it to a colourful bowl, and see for yourself how the magic unfolds! Mealtimes are going to become so much more convenient for you… and so much more fun for your little one!  

There may be a misconception that packaged foods are unhealthy for children, and we’re breaking this stereotype with a formulation that is 100% natural and healthy, made with ingredients that are essential in a baby’s diet.  

We only want the best for our kids, and we’re saving you the time, effort, and energy spent in the kitchen to give them that.  

There’s no denying that the dal chawal combo is a classic, but it’s time we elevate our palette and give our kids an exciting twist to their daily diet… because they deserve it!

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